Children’s Church – March 22, 2020

Big hugs and fist bumps to all my kids! I love you and miss you like crazy! I’ve put a bunch of links down below for some children’s church fun. But first a little prayer for us all…

Jesus, please help us not to be anxious about anything. Help us to remember that you are always here and we can pray and share my worries with you. Help us to be grateful, loving, and kind even when we are scared. Thank you for the promise you made that your peace would guard our hearts and mind in Christ Jesus. Amen

I have found some good resources online for you to print and use that go along with the Gospel reading this week. Most of us should have everything needed to complete this fun (and maybe messy) activity! Get out and have fun with this one, we could all use some play time after this week!

Here’s Mud in Your Eye! – Children’s Church Object Lesson

Worship Songs – Some of the kid songs we sing in the classroom (while we color, play, and get our wiggles out!)

Books of the Bible Song – A song we sing while looking for the scripture reading in the Bible. They should all know this song, or be learning it! Each Sunday I have the kids take turns reading the same verses you hear in gathered worship before we start digging deeper! We are trying to become comfortable reading scripture out loud in small groups, even though the words can be super tricky we get through it every single week!

Have I told you lately how proud I am of your kids? I love each and every one of them with my whole heart, they are all such special people! Keep your chins up and don’t forget to pray, sing, and play today. I love you all and are holding you up in prayer!

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