Here we go again…

This photo has nothing to do with the post, but it is calming and pretty and I think we can all use that in our lives at the moment.

After graduation I was a little lost for what to do with myself. I knew I was supposed to be relaxing but I didn’t relax in a healthy way. I was on my phone way too much and Facebook sucked me in and made me sad. Following the advice of my amazing doctor, I deactivated my account, I read more books, I got back into healthy hobbies, I didn’t dwell on the drama others created. It was the best! I didn’t miss it for even a second! I have been taking my medicine, trying to eat better, studying my bible, leaning on faith and really trying to take care of myself. It has been good and I am starting to feel good again.

Enter coronavirus. I no longer have the opportunity to catch up with my friends each Sunday at church. I don’t get to wish them happy birthday or share fun activities with my church kids. I don’t get to talk to other moms waiting for kids or hang out with PTO mom’s at school.

Long story, not so short, I have reactivated my Facebook account so I can effectively do my job as a youth ministry coordinator. I feel it is the most utilized tool to get information out and get realtime feedback from kids and parents. This season of doubt and worry is when we all need each other the most. I have been feeling the call to share faith, learning, and stories with my church kids so strongly and I miss them all fiercely.

I will be adding as many resources here as I can, but also sharing the links and information on my Facebook and Instagram accounts. I will share a schedule of things, activities, and live chats, studies, and zoom meetings as soon as possible.

For now there are a lot of links here I hope will be useful to you. Know I am here for you praying and wishing I could hug you all tight.


Leaning in

I’ve been leaning into my faith pretty hard as of late. I’ve been embracing grief and dealing with so much change. Faith is the only constant in my life.

This week I’ve been sinking deep into the meaning of the Beatitudes, the impact of the sermon on the mount, and the cultural importance it had in the time. I have learned so much in preparation of teaching. While things may be foggy in the distance, I know there is a path clearly defined for me. I may not know what is in my foggy future, but God gives me the ability to be joyful in my now. He gives me the tools to survive shock waves and stumbling blocks, grief and doubt, hardship and pain.

With love and humility I can embrace the beauty of life, my family around me, and the surprises presented. I really love this life I’ve been gifted, all the twists and turns, the ups and downs, the struggles and so very much joy.

I haven’t been this excited for a Sunday in a while. A Sunday where I get to teach and a Sunday where I get to listen with my whole heart.


I don’t think it is an accident that this season of waiting in my life is aligning with the season of Lent. It is a reminder to practice trust, faithfulness, and humility. It is a reminder that I need to work for what I want but that I am not the one in control. It is a reminder to enjoy the little things along the way, to be still, and to pay attention. These built in seasons of waiting are necessary for growth. Growth in strength and relationship and in faith. So I will keep working and waiting. Keep trusting and obeying. Keep enjoying the little things and soaking in this season of life.

“You’re like a jar of river water, all shaken up, and what you need is to sit still long enough so the sediment can settle and the water can become clear.” – Ruth Hayley Barton