Youth Ministries

While services will be available for the FBCS congregation to stream, it is important to engage with our children, especially in our global climate of uncertainty. I will be providing links here and across social media to videos, resources, games, songs and more. I am always available via phone, FaceTime, email, social media and text if kids need a little extra love and company in the coming weeks and months.

Books of the Bible Song – A song we sing while looking for the scripture reading in the Bible. They should all know this song, or be learning it! Each Sunday I have the kids take turns reading the same verses you hear in gathered worship before we start digging deeper! We are trying to become comfortable reading scripture out loud in small groups, even though the words can be super tricky we get through it every single week!

Worship Songs – Some of the kid songs we sing in the classroom (while we color, play, and get our wiggles out!)

Ministry Spark – This site has a lot of free resources for parents now…and all the time!

Children’s Ministry Deals – This site also has a lot of free resources all the time. Download the free Books of the Bible sheets and keep practicing!

Illustrated Ministry – Remember our backpack tags from promotion Sunday? This is the site they came from! They have a dedicated resource page for teaching and living with Christ through C-19.

Scribbling Grace – has some very fun bible journaling tutorials to help you get creative with bible study and art time.