Where to begin…

The beginning I suppose. I feel like I need a place to write down my thoughts on grad school, motherhood, faith, and hobbies. So I guess this is as good of a place as any.

My semester started today and there is no warm up period, it is dive into papers and mountains of reading and lectures. I guess I don’t really need a warm up week I am accustomed to the work load my teachers are handing out. The work so far is about typical of what I have been doing for the past year or so. My only complaint, which I can’t really complain about, is our textbooks, which are included in tuition, are all ebooks, I am not a fan of reading hundreds of pages a week on a kindle. My eyes get so strained and that sets off migraines. I am going to try to use the nightshade feature as much as possible to counteract the amount of screen time I must do just to get my reading done.

The kids start school next week. Emily is super excited to get back to her friends and a normal routine. She isn’t stoked about math, but other than that she is happy to be back! Ellie is a ball of nerves. Who wouldn’t be, she is starting middle school and is worried about everything that entails. Truth be told, I am nervous for her too. She is so smart and will do well…it is just my job to worry as a mother.

I am slowly chugging away at my Beekeeper Cardigan. I am on the bottom button band, just have sleeves, a collar, and side bands to knit…so I guess I am about half way done. I was really hoping to get it done in time for fall weather, but I don’t know if I am going to make it!


Author: Mandy

She/Her. Mom. Wife. Knitter. Reader. Believer.

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