Being busy in a time of peace

Our CATS kids made this for the Palm Sunday worship guide cover and it is making me so very happy.

We are entering Holy Week, This is one of my most favorite times of the year, yet for some reason it seems more busy than centering this year. Even with the added meetings, events, homework, and just life things going on this week, I am going to make a conscious effort to slow down and focus on the truly important parts of life.

In other news, Emily and I have embarked on a new adventure in Bible study: We are going through The New City Catechism for Kids: Children’s Edition. So far we are loving it. We are tackling the questions one each week and really talking about what they mean. She gets to watch me as I look up bits of the Bible, hopefully learning how I find things, then we read them in context in response to our question of the week. It is a lot of fun, and there is an app that goes a long with it. And for $2 it is an amazing deal!

In the spirit of Easter, I am going to leave you with this thought from my Sunday…

Choosing to love, trust, and obey God is easy on days like Palm Sunday. It’s a celebration, it’s easy to choose Jesus on Easter, and Christmas, and even on Sunday mornings, but loving, trusting, and obeying God is a choice we as Christians have to make all the days of our lives, not just when it is easy, popular, or when we feel like it. We show our trust and obey our Lord by loving Him and all of His creations all the time, every day. Remember, everyone was welcome at the table with Jesus, even the ones who turned their backs on Him. Let’s love one another as Christ loves us. Unconditionally. Eternally.

Author: Mandy

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