Everything in the universe has a rhythm, everything dances. ”  Maya Angelou

I’ve been thinking about rhythm, since finishing school I have been searching for a new balance in life. I am so used to going 100 miles an hour headlong into a pages long to do list that I am struggling to find a new rhythm to life. One thing I have embraced is saying the Rosary at least a few times a week. I know…growing up in a Catholic environment we should say the Rosary daily, but I am not a Catholic, I am a Baptist. I do, however, find comfort and a great deal of meaning in the prayers that make up the Rosary (a post for another day perhaps).

Since I have started praying the Rosary on my daily walks I have noticed it has calmed my soul and made me less anxious. I know on a basic level that praying always calms me, but I think that the rhythmic nature to the Rosary allows me to meditate in the words and to really let the words sink into my heart and mind. The rhythm sets a cadence to my day ahead and to my schedule for events to come. I am finding peace in this practice.

Rhythm doesn’t have to be in the form of prayer. A daily rhythm is anything intentional that adds flow to your day. Any rhythm can increase productivity and help you focus as you flow from task to task.

Author: Mandy

She/Her. Mom. Wife. Knitter. Reader. Believer.

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